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Consult the best Lawyers in Kolkata for cheque bounce, Matrimonial cases which includes divorce, maintenance , guardianship , custody rights etc. and all kinds of civil and criminal matters. We provide you with efficient services . Our services are transparent and maintain confidentiality . We believe in honest practices and that’s the secret of our […]


Section 276 in The Indian Succession Act, 1925  provides for the procedure to obtain Probate 276. Petition for probate.— The Petition for Probate shall contain the following as given herein as under- (a) the time of the testator’s death, (b) that the writing annexed is his last Will and testament, (c) that it was duly executed, (d) the amount […]

Beyond the Bench: The Role of Lawyers in Shaping Society

Beyond the Bench: The Role of Lawyers in Shaping Society

Lawyers play a crucial and multifaceted role in society, extending far beyond their representation of clients in courtrooms. As legal professionals, they are entrusted with upholding justice, safeguarding individual rights, and contributing to the development and interpretation of laws. This article explores the diverse responsibilities of lawyers and how their actions and advocacy have a […]

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