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Taps9Law.com is providing information for the general purpose to visitors in the disclaimer section. Therefore, visitors should not use this information for legal purposes or legal pieces of advice. No doubt, the content of this website is relevant to the laws and regulations. This information is in effect at the time of writing. That’s why it is not reflecting the latest legal developments. We are trying to provide accurate and up-to-date information to the visitors. Instead of hard work, we are not providing warranties to visitors. You can’t challenge even a specific piece of information on this website. If you are relying on any piece of information on this website, you will have to take your own risks. It means that you should not look for the legal consequences of this website.

Disclaimer of Taps9Law website

Attorney-Client Relationship

As a visitor, you may be looking for creating an attorney-client relationship based on the content of this website. Here, you should keep in mind that you can’t use the information on this website for this kind of relationship. You can’t even use this information for other attorneys. No doubt, you can get help from us by sending an email. After sending an email, you can’t even establish an attorney-client relationship. Before creating an attorney-client relationship on this website, you should not send confidential or sensitive information on this website. Here, you should understand that the content of these websites is not under our control. We are not endorsing or accepting the accuracy or availability of the content of these websites.

Decision-Making of Clients

Some jurisdictions are considering advertising on this website. Based on these advertisements, you can hire a lawyer. No doubt, it is an important decision for a client to hire a lawyer. You should not hire lawyers just based on the content of the advertisements. Anyhow, if you have to take any kind of decision based on the content of advertisements, you should contact qualified and professional legal experts. The modification, updating, or removal of content is an internal matter of the website. Before modifying, updating, or removing the content, we will not send prior notice to the visitors. It means that we can do these things without sending prior notices to the clients.

Information on Taps9Law.com

While surfing on this website, you may find some harmful things. You should note these things. After noting these things, you should try to contact us. For this reason, we have provided a contact us page to the visitors. By using this page, visitors can also ask questions and concerns relevant to the content of this website. Anyhow, you should know that the information on this website is just for general guidance and educational purposes. As a human being, you should not take this information as a piece of legal advice. Its reason is that this information may be valid for specific situations. If you want to use it for your purposes, you will have to modify it. To modify any piece of information, you will have to get help from legal experts. Without getting legal help from experts, you should not make any legal decision.

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