File Caveat in Supreme Court

Filing caveat in Supreme Court of India



Filing Caveat in Supreme Court requires  a signed vakalatnama from the Party whosoever wishes to file a Caveat in Supreme Court alongwith a copy of the Judgment of High Court.We at taps9law  will provide you with the best guidance and ensure that your caveat is filed within 24 hrs upon receipt of the aforementioned documents. File Caveat in Supreme Court now at taps9law


Why file Caveat ?



Firstly you will get the opportunity to be present before the Hon’ble Court to defend your case and try to stop any ex parte orders being passed against you.


Why is filing Caveat in Supreme Court important?


It is important because the Supreme Court of India also called the Apex court is the final court of appeal . So  your journey from the beginning till the matter reaches the Hon’ble Supreme court must have been a journey of long patience and hard work and therefore at the last step before you reach your goal you should not miss the opportunity of being heard .


Who files Caveat in Supreme Court?


Anyone who has won the case in the High Court or Tribunal files a caveat so basically the winner in the previous court files a Caveat Petition


What are the challenges for filing Caveat ?


We at taps9law take care of  all the drafting work and also make ourselves committed to get your caveat register  by following proper procedure as established by law and  therefore you  need not worry about any complexities?


When should one File a Caveat?


As soon as  the judgment is delivered in high court or tribunal you may file a caveat in Supreme Court


How long is it valid?


Caveat is valid for 90 days however you may file a fresh one after the expiry of 90 days or renew the same.


Documents that may be required to file caveat


Copy of vakalatnama


Memo of Parties in High Court


That’s all and we will take care of the rest.


How do you know whether caveat is registered?


Once caveat is file and registered you can check it yourself in the official website of Supreme Court.


Do we need to hire a lawyer for filing caveat?


Yes Advocate-On-Record of Supreme Court are specially skilled to file Caveat in Supreme Court. Taps9law will take care of drafting and filing the caveat Petition.


Will the vakalatnama filed once with caveat be sufficient for our lawyer to appear in the hearing?


Yes the vakalatnama once  entered is as good for future appearing in Supreme Court .


Who will update us about the hearings?


Your Advocate-On-Record will update you and also you may check yourself in the official website




We at taps9law will provide you with free consultation and guide you through the entire process. You may call us at 9873628941 for any query related to filing Caveat in Supreme Court and may also visit our website taps9law


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