Legal Notice

Legal Notices on the Letterhead of an Advocate

Legal Notice is always served on the Letterhead of an Advocate and it is always advisable to contact an expert legal practitioner for drafting a Legal Notice 

 Legal Notices as a warning prior to initiating Litigation

Legal Notice is seen as a warning to the opposite party and in most cases a properly drafted Legal Notice always helps the party serving legal Notice to solve the dispute at hand within a short period of time.

Legal Notices in Divorce Cases

It is a good option to serve a Legal Notice in Divorce cases to settle matters before initiating a matrimonial case.

Legal Notice in Cheque Bounce Case

Legal Notice in Cheque Bounce cases are mandatory which means you have to serve a legal notice prior to filing a cheque bounce case under section 138 NI Act

Reply to Legal Notice

It is always advisable to reply to Legal Notice when you are at the receiving end so as to make your case strong in case the matter goes to court . Not replying to a legal Notice also means that the Party  has somehow acknowledged his mistakes.

Drafting a Legal Notice 

Taps9Law are experts in drafting Legal Notice and we are proud to have been able to give you the best possible draft. A legal Notice contains the following

  • Name and address of both the sender and receiver
  • Facts of  case
  • Reasons of serving the Legal Notices
  • Consequences of not agreeing to the demands

Time given to Opposite Party to Respond to Legal Notices

A specified time is given to the Opposite Party to Respond to a Legal Notice usually 15 upon receipt of a Legal Notice  and in failure of which legal consequences would follow. Legal Notices can be sent in Speed Post or Registered Post with acknowledgement due as these receipts will be required in case the matter is filed in Court. 

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